Tag: spiritual healing

morning meditation

I leave behind the chaos
Of my mind
To sink deep to where my
Emotions hide
Dark and warm
Flashing colors speak and play
Silence thickens into lines
As I let go of word and thought
Transformed into sound
That cannot be heard, but felt
Alive! I vibrate as a deep resounding
Wave; light and grey…
Above me, I hear the call of a bell
And returning from this place
Of peace, I bring with me the sounds
I’ve felt… to walk! To dream! To dance
Upon the gates of heaven’s spell
I am reborn into this day

Meaningless words

white noise fills the room;
this dull roar of nothingness
that occupies thought and sound…
oh dead wanderers, already gone,
asleep and lingering on the brink
of oblivion-
you suffer so at the hands
of those meaningless words
that feed your soul with
when will you let go? nature
is calling
and birds are singing, and rain is
and all that is good is ready
for your welcome hands
and open heart
do not let your spirit die
upon a cross of insignificance
when all you need to fuel
your soul
is already here

on lion’s gate energy

the wind flows through my hair
and stardust lines my eyes
this heart has freed up some space
to find joy again…
the light tendrils of infancy,
this spirit’s bated breath,
linger now like lightening
within my soul
there is nothing that can stop
my mouth from singing
save my own dire dread-
i linger not within that darkness
for the light has found me
and within it’s warm glow
i remain


dawn has broken through
and all that lingered within darkness
takes shelter …
hidden in shadows and
the dusty corners of soul
these secrets, yet to be told,

oh weary traveler, take care!
for these ever patient,
ever persistent devils,
will not hesitate
and once they take hold,
you will not see light again

beneath emotion

beneath emotion, lies a truth
that cannot be altered
or swept away
and though this fear hovers
protectively above my heart
in order to block that pain
that might take it
away, i linger yet, now within
the darkness of my own making,
where flow’s might cannot reach
and where divinity, though remains,
lies quietly
waiting for my soul to remove
the blocks that keep it
from itself

the lost interface

lost inside a bermuda triangle
of emotion-
unable to make out where
my heart has hidden…
unsure of where my feet
are stepping…
still though, i keep looking
above the clouds- perchance
to catch a view from where
i’ve come-
possibly to see how
i might return home…

misty confusion lines my eyes
with a sweet haze
captivating me with tales of great
love and endurance
oh to have wings to fly from this
prison of my own making
and into the vast blue of
i would climb upon the shoulders of
my fate and swell into the lost
interface of my heart
and head

garden statue

your tears roll, my soul hides
all that I’ve tried to love
slowly dies
what would you have me say?
i’m not well..
lingering within this hardened
heart far too long –
i’ve wasted what hope could
have come along to help…
and now i’m alone- beside myself
a garden statue of a loving song
cold to touch and hard to hold-
standing among the flowers
growing old
alas, there’s no breath left
and no place to roam
i’m nothing now but concrete death
waiting to go home
oh how I wish there was something
left that I could sing about