Tag: spiritual awakening

Silent desire

The slow run of summer has almost
Reached a finish
The heat is but a last stand
For impending cool…
Birds have abandoned nests
For a lack of need,
As squirrels scurry to find acorns
To chew….
And my heart; once a fiery ball
Of remembered pain
Is now changed by forgiveness
Into a colder harder better protected
Will you still follow after a cooler flame?
Or leave this game of chance to a
Higher power?
My heart may be blue, but my head
Is aflame with silent desire

A dream

The race against what
Followed me was strong-
I was running through time
To avoid being captured;
Into bedrooms of folks I didn’t
know, and cars I stole that
Weren’t mine
I was running to avoid a darkness
That followed my soul
And demons that tracked me
Through hell’s gates,
And emotion’s swell-
And then I awoke…
and realized that which looked
To find my soul- was already inside
This heart of mine- and I was running
From myself


I am sinking into
The water of my soul;
Continuing to fall
Deeper and deeper
Until I meet myself-
That white light,
The spark that
Lights my spirit
And lets me break free
From the noise that
Surrounds my life…
Would that I could
Release breath
And live within the
Star filled sea of soul,
And be lost to my own
Changing tides,
And governed by
The moon that
Lingers above me

Meaningless words

white noise fills the room;
this dull roar of nothingness
that occupies thought and sound…
oh dead wanderers, already gone,
asleep and lingering on the brink
of oblivion-
you suffer so at the hands
of those meaningless words
that feed your soul with
when will you let go? nature
is calling
and birds are singing, and rain is
and all that is good is ready
for your welcome hands
and open heart
do not let your spirit die
upon a cross of insignificance
when all you need to fuel
your soul
is already here


the quiet lingers in the air,
thick and heavy…
it’s very essence pregnant
with an unspoken knowing..
this peace that weighs so
dearly upon my heart,
beating in unison with some
divine understanding,
allows light to shine through
cracks and glowing skin to alter
into crystalline stardust…
and while this peace may leave me
humbled and without words
i would lose myself to the nothing
that hovers about
just for the chance to find such freedom
within this beating heart

on lion’s gate energy

the wind flows through my hair
and stardust lines my eyes
this heart has freed up some space
to find joy again…
the light tendrils of infancy,
this spirit’s bated breath,
linger now like lightening
within my soul
there is nothing that can stop
my mouth from singing
save my own dire dread-
i linger not within that darkness
for the light has found me
and within it’s warm glow
i remain

the moon

The moon in her darkness
Sits steadfastly silent,
Caressing ocean’s might;
While her gossamer fingers
Reach ever so slightly
Towards horizon’s steep edge…