Tag: silence


the quiet lingers in the air,
thick and heavy…
it’s very essence pregnant
with an unspoken knowing..
this peace that weighs so
dearly upon my heart,
beating in unison with some
divine understanding,
allows light to shine through
cracks and glowing skin to alter
into crystalline stardust…
and while this peace may leave me
humbled and without words
i would lose myself to the nothing
that hovers about
just for the chance to find such freedom
within this beating heart

on lion’s gate energy

the wind flows through my hair
and stardust lines my eyes
this heart has freed up some space
to find joy again…
the light tendrils of infancy,
this spirit’s bated breath,
linger now like lightening
within my soul
there is nothing that can stop
my mouth from singing
save my own dire dread-
i linger not within that darkness
for the light has found me
and within it’s warm glow
i remain

a higher road

lost to words trapped inside a flowing mind
there’s no where to go with these feelings
but through
and though the length of time to surpass
this pain is mighty
how can the a flower flourish without sun
or rain?
oh, the road is merciless, and the time
dear, and ideas that linger on the edges
of unmoving lips
are as pregnant as silence…
this journey, though walked slow,
is but a trip towards stars
that are yet unknown
so feet move, one by one, towards
a destiny sought by a higher road

beneath emotion

beneath emotion, lies a truth
that cannot be altered
or swept away
and though this fear hovers
protectively above my heart
in order to block that pain
that might take it
away, i linger yet, now within
the darkness of my own making,
where flow’s might cannot reach
and where divinity, though remains,
lies quietly
waiting for my soul to remove
the blocks that keep it
from itself

sweet molasses

low level noise
binds my ears and blocks
the flow of words
to my mind-
spinning and locked,
i remain immovable
and barren of thought…
so desirous of warmth
i sit outside in hopes
sunlight might shine through
the molasses of my heart
and get this tired soul
singing again

infernal singing

i am lost to the winds of time-
thrown into a space that
lingers near me, but not
fully that which is mine and i long
to remain here, singing
this song of forgetfulness
as i remember your face…
give me a kiss and remind me that
i am still here
as i wait for the records to play
what dance am i to do with you
that we haven’t already done
i find so fulfilling your
eternal embrace of sound
and thought
as if i am still here dancing
as if you are still here with me…
and your longing that i can feel yet
across this time and space
captures my heart within my breast
as i feed your soul
with my infernal singing…

prison of mind

I dug a hole
The soil was dark and wet
I could smell the musty earth
Under my fingers, on my clothes
Covering my knees..
Perhaps someday I will lie inside
This muddy hole and let the world
Drift by… though I hold no false
Hope for me..
Oh that ends could be so easy!
I would drift into the rain swept sky
Releasing all the world ever taught
Me to believe
Alas I’m still here, covered now in
This musty earth, waiting for a time
When my heart, strong and hard,
Might deign to release
Me from this prison
Of mind

just an echo

empty halls at dawn echo thoughts
back to my heart like a drum
pounding into place all that was
left behind…
sound bouncing off bare walls
these feelings that hover in the distant
places of my soul
would that i grab them in my hand
and within my palm hold them
close so as to understand how they
became just an echo

would you go mad?

if we were all quiet,
just for a moment, the world
silenced… no words…no sound-
save that indescribable
white noise of buzzing energy…
would we hear the call of
our soul from within the ether,
and but for a moment,
find within it our own song
that might make clear our purpose
and release the banter that
drives us so to distraction?
or would we suffer at the empty
silence, grasping at the air for
release from the pain of nothingness
that would grip the heart, stripping it of
that which keeps blood flowing?

if but for within that single moment
when the world shut down all sound
would we find ourselves or
go extremely mad?