Tag: romantic poetry

Slow wounds

Whispers of cold follow me
Sharp words spoken on swift breeze
Linking remembrances
Old wounds bitterly opened
As frost digests the ooze
Cracked and stiff and solidly
Locked in place
Until all that’s left of a beating heart
Is slow moans of love once flourished
Within sun’s warm embrace

eternal moments

flowing flames of burning candles
dance upon this heart,
newly awakened from dark and
fitful slumber to find songs
of love playing upon harp strings
in the distance…
And all that was once muddled within
the dusty corners of thought
shine like rainbow filled diamonds
upon the eternal moments
divined for secret quiet


My soul’s soul
A friend from the stars
To earth
Guided by a pact made before
We arrived
To hold hearts
Interlocking love
You are mine
I am yours
How did this take so long to see?
Love is a word that does
Not do justice
To our fate
bound by elementals
And moonlight
My arm is yours for all this
Wandering life


my mind reaches out to you
in long waves of thought
strewn energy;
throbbing body lies still,
stumbling to be touched
upon this cross of fire
my passion swells..
as spirit calls to you from
an interfacing heart
beating passionately
within my breast


I woke up confused
the walls, this room, the clock
that I knew I didn’t have
Replay, rewind.., open mind
the moon… remembering last night
Like a buzzsaw
How we walked the beach, under full
moonlight… listening to waves crash
In the aftermath…
and the love, carnal passion, stoked
flames of fire that burned
into the rising of the sun


Lying in bed listening
to the slow drip of my love
that from my broken heart
falls rhythmically into the sink
this maddening drip drip drip
echoes in my head refusing rest
or peace…
I wait for the day that this heart may
finally empty of its love so that
I may get some sleep

again and again and again

you pushed me up against the bar
your hands grasping…
your lips searching…
my legs, fluttering…
struggling to hold my drink
as your lips sunk in
and my quivering skin
glowed like opening flowers
to the rising sun

the music played so loud
but i couldn’t hear a thing
you were simply too much
for my senses-
you were dizzying
and i think back now,
on the way your fingers touched
my skin, and i long for you
again and again and again

echoes of passion

though you’re no longer here
i wonder if you still feel me…
my pulsating, vibrating, echoing
energy; adrift in the ether-
whispering silent longing
to the heavens as the skies
open up into a soft rainfall
of pleasure and memory

this maze

So much lies between
me and love
So many secrets that I keep
from myself
Barriers of self betrayal
line the rooms of my house
dividing any chance for sleep
for peace, for love to find me…
And though I cry out lost in
this maze of my own undoing
I am not strong enough to knock
it down


i love you with a million miles
of sunshine on my lips…
my hips, but fallen rainbows
for your heart to slide within-
my eyes, golden orbs of light,
to reflect your energy,
my heart an endless sea of green
begging you to swim…
i love you with a timeless fate
that links you back to me
a clock that stopped the day we met
and has since refused to beat…