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Falling tears

Oh broken heart, you
Try so to keep this
Life force flowing
Though with each cursed
Beat you lose more
Of the love you’ve stored
And while you suffer
At the hands of a ticking clock
This mind, abandoned
To the refuse of longing,
Floats upon rain clouds
Of suffering
Until all that’s left
Of this soul
Will be falling tears

This hole

It visits me when I am
This hole, that won’t be filled,
This longing, that has no relief,
Silently it waits for me
To find it
To remember that it’s there,
That I’m still empty
And while it screams into the darkness
Of my soul,
Without words, without sound,
Set on domination of thought
And purpose
I linger now, yet, within it
Trying to understand still
how to fill it with love

standing still

here, in the spot a year later,
still pondering
who I am
and what I see when my
reflection smiles back-
and what is life? oh wicked me!
so much traveling to remain
yet back where I began…
when does this end?
answers still linger in the ether
above my sight
and the more I try to pull them down
the less I understand…
please why, does this treadmill
of enlightenment keep me moving
only to stand still?

beneath emotion

beneath emotion, lies a truth
that cannot be altered
or swept away
and though this fear hovers
protectively above my heart
in order to block that pain
that might take it
away, i linger yet, now within
the darkness of my own making,
where flow’s might cannot reach
and where divinity, though remains,
lies quietly
waiting for my soul to remove
the blocks that keep it
from itself

this maze

So much lies between
me and love
So many secrets that I keep
from myself
Barriers of self betrayal
line the rooms of my house
dividing any chance for sleep
for peace, for love to find me…
And though I cry out lost in
this maze of my own undoing
I am not strong enough to knock
it down

lightening bugs

There are lights on the porch
across the street-
I can see them glowing outside my window,
reminding me of lightening bugs
I used to try to catch
as they flashed through
childhood summer evenings

Oh the cruelty of youth!
bottling up such wondrous bugs
so that they might lighten up
the darkened places within my soul-
Alas, nothing of that light remains
as I stare nostalgically
down and across the road
at electric lights that softly glow


I tried to patch the hole
from which the slow leak
of my joy softly dripped….
But the tape didn’t seem
to want to hold
and I was left with the bitter
tannins that collected at the
bottom of my heart

Today was a desperate clawing
at restlessness
that would not subside
and there was nothing
left for me to find
but this lonely emptiness
that coated my heart
with residue

night again

Thinking to close my eyes-
I’m so tired…
but my mind won’t fade;
Desperate to let it all
slowly melt from space,
yet here I linger
on the outskirts of time

Heavy thoughts carried by
weary arms make for a worn
and washed out soul…
alas, it’s night again, so here
I go… venturing into
thoughts, better left
locked away


My head is a top
That won’t stop spinning
As if gravity doesn’t matter at all
And it’s wearing a hole
Where it’s turning
Making my soul thin and dizzy