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what longing i had for you
is outmatched by the emptiness
i feel within my heart…
for it’s not your absence that
causes me harm
but rather your presence-
lingering- that haunts
my waking steps

this lack

this lack that i feel in my soul
cannot be filled by you
though I have tried to pour
the sweet words of others into it
to see if that might hold

rather, this void, was created
long ago- a mere reflection
of a longing never filled,
a wound never healed,
a seed never sown…

and the more i hide, the more i know
that i am the one holding
the mirror against myself
fueling the hole, reminding me
that I am just not enough…


This push and pull
That governs my life
Is but the outer shell
Of a darkness that’s yet
To be faced

Until this darkness is converted
Into something else
I will continue to pull you close
And then push you away
It’s an unease that I cannot

So here I am trying to peel back
The layers of myself
To get to the center of my
Ancient pain
So I can be free to love
With my heart untangled.

night again

Thinking to close my eyes-
I’m so tired…
but my mind won’t fade;
Desperate to let it all
slowly melt from space,
yet here I linger
on the outskirts of time

Heavy thoughts carried by
weary arms make for a worn
and washed out soul…
alas, it’s night again, so here
I go… venturing into
thoughts, better left
locked away


My head is a top
That won’t stop spinning
As if gravity doesn’t matter at all
And it’s wearing a hole
Where it’s turning
Making my soul thin and dizzy

dusk of eternity

these words that from my heart
long to drip into oblivion
are too dark to be remembered
and yet too full of love to let go

so i hover just on the edge of what
lies between heaven and hell
so that i might indulge in the beauty
of that love
and the pain of dark’s sweet blow

do no look for me, seated in-between,
the dusk of eternity,
for I will be waiting softly for love’s embrace
and the faith i find in the darkness i face

holy holy

Between the inhale and the exhale
Lies the holy holy
A silent elixir of eternity

Would that I linger in that quiet darkness
To find riddles answered
And my heart consumed

oh! but for a moment,
to reach such eternity
and breath as one with divine


Like heart shaped clouds floating by
You and I were simply passing
Touching softly in the summer
A piece of your white air
Linked inexplicably to mine
As we floated on

And I let you go as you moved along
On your way to some other destination
Rainbows I found within you-
And the formation of dark storms
But I always kept a bit of your cloud in mine
As memoirs of our fading

when the wind blows

I can hear you whispering to me
Over the folds of the wind
Sending heavenly dowry-
Of things that had been
lifetimes ago, when you and I
were still true
and the universe conspired
to see love through…
Alas, now we are but an echo,
that I can only hear
when the wind blows or in my dreams

in the dark

The dark of my room
takes me back to you….

I cannot help but remember
your breath on my breast,
the feel of your touch on my leg,
the way you whispered nothing
in my ear so that my body
quivered instead…

but you, you’re lost,
and I am still hanging
onto these thoughts…of you-
in the dark of my room