Tag: passion

without remorse

enflamed, destructive anger
burned the house of love
to the ground,
without remorse,
leaving the charred corpse of
compassion upon the floor…
this ever burning flame of
rage, that would take the
softest of feelings
and turn them into painful
blistering sores,
engulfs this soul with such
disgust that not even ash

longing from long ago

this longing is a fire in my
chest; beating, flowing, fiery
heat that will not cool
oh, why do you play me so?
my music… but bits of your soul…
as your fingers silently tune my
strings until my voice is a low moan
asking for more
you are my savior and my warden
and this heart is burning
and down low, within these loins,
the strings of love tenderly vibrate
as eternal echos of your touch
replace reality with
slow deliberate movements
sounding through time and space…
how i feel you now, upon my heart
wickedly licking the wounds your absence
left there long ago


desire warms as it grows up
through the body, climbing
as a vine, flowering as it
goes through the deep deep
darkness that lies at the depth
of soul
tingling skin, inside out, dances
as a willow in the wind
and the divine light
that lingers just at the head of the body
explodes as light merges with energy
and thousands of flowers
bloom in unison
within every cell of the soul

soul strength

i remember so much from those
times when i just
got back
and my soul was thin
but strong
and i was shattered…pieces of me
thrown up on the floor
and left for later-
how i long to tell that me
that it would be okay,
that i would find peace

oh broken, broken me
sobbing in the corner, quietly-
hoping that i might find relief…
soul strength has nothing
on that which I find in myself-
for love in place of fear
receives ultimate forgiveness

whirlwind of time and desire

would you mind closing your eyes
for a moment so i might
come in real closely to smell
the soft scent
of soap that lines your neck?
perhaps if you hold real still
you might feel my tongue
upon your skin as i taste
the sweat that’s forming
just below your chin
and oh, to feel your chest, rising
and falling like a balloon
hot and certain…
and would I fly away upon your lap
in a whirlwind of time
and desire

an empty plate

staring at an empty plate
not sure what to do with it-
the longer i look at the clean
the more i want to drown it
in food
and forks
and I long to taste what might
cover the soft flowers
and devour that which lines
the center
and oh, perhaps you too
might undress yourself so quietly
so i might cover your outer corners
with sustenance and longing
you are my appetite
fueled and filled and quieted
by sweet resolve

love’s flow

hang me upside down
and see what secrets might fall
out of the pockets
of my soul-
filled now with memories still
and though I long to be free
from this fool’s gold that binds
me so
the wings that would let me fly
are pinned by the heaviness
that the past still holds…
bound now by illusions that weigh me
would that i could be the hanged man
and release to gravity that which
blocks love’s flow…
oh what i would give
just to lighten this load! and let my
heart soar into eternity…


i felt the energy of the bear
today, strong tall and black
i could feel his eyes all over me
as if desiring to taste my skin
i let him close and felt his
tongue on my neck
as he smelled my hair


my longing to pull flesh from spirit
has me enflamed, roasting in my
own heavy desire
this fire, these flames, naked is
not enough to contain the throb
that my heart aches with
and I can’t stop the pain… this desire
that burns me from the inside out
beyond longing, my energy spins
around and around
consuming itself in its own funeral pyre
and I am lost to words
and to the wind
the sounds of waves couldn’t comfort me
now as I sit and long for that which might
set this tumult free


my mind reaches out to you
in long waves of thought
strewn energy;
throbbing body lies still,
stumbling to be touched
upon this cross of fire
my passion swells..
as spirit calls to you from
an interfacing heart
beating passionately
within my breast