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oh great life!

Light blue sky
Flashes in my mind
As the strong winds of springtime
Air out this dusty heart…
And the open windows of my soul
Collect sounds of songbirds
Within the walls
And even the photographs
Are smiling…
What release can remove the darkness
Of the past and replace it
With such warm light?
Oh great life! Though I’ve doubted
Your love
I know you’ve always been just outside
Waiting for me to welcome you

What was old is new again (on Truth and Art)

What was old is new again;
The end, we all consume.
Just as night finds us, he’ll find you too!
So beneath day’s moon be true.

Listen with eyes open!
With the eyes you were given to hear;
From wanton need be free, to see,
Life’s flowers growing near.

The scarecrow stands and watches,
With no desires to be fed;
With little need for things, indeed;
‘Cept the sun and moon’s sweet bed.

Standing guard in a field of grain,
While autumn’s wind blows by;
His steady eyes stay focused still-
On the waning golden sky.

As should we, you and I!

Because All of it is nothing…
All of it Nothing at All!
Open your heart to beauty,
And into beauty, may you fall!