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morning meditation

I leave behind the chaos
Of my mind
To sink deep to where my
Emotions hide
Dark and warm
Flashing colors speak and play
Silence thickens into lines
As I let go of word and thought
Transformed into sound
That cannot be heard, but felt
Alive! I vibrate as a deep resounding
Wave; light and grey…
Above me, I hear the call of a bell
And returning from this place
Of peace, I bring with me the sounds
I’ve felt… to walk! To dream! To dance
Upon the gates of heaven’s spell
I am reborn into this day

hidden inside

i found the door within my heart
and opened it…
words, without sound, ushered me
into this light filled space
and into the moment…
oh breath! you take me as a bride
on her wedding day-
your soft embrace, covers me
with a warm salve
assuaging my fears;
and as my body floats forward
a mirror glows, reflecting my soul…
in wonder and in praise i sigh,
for the love within this heart
is but a dim reminder of what remains
hidden inside…


the ancient songs are calling
and though I long to fly away within
their soft rhythm
my heart, heavy with sadness,
will deign not light
and would rather wallow
within the dusty corners of what’s past
without hope, without joy,
than linger under the shining truth
that awaits me on the other side
of this darkness
today, my heart sits within the shadow
to ponder the pain that plagues
it so… to find release in the embrace
of a dark and powerful woe

Meaningless words

white noise fills the room;
this dull roar of nothingness
that occupies thought and sound…
oh dead wanderers, already gone,
asleep and lingering on the brink
of oblivion-
you suffer so at the hands
of those meaningless words
that feed your soul with
when will you let go? nature
is calling
and birds are singing, and rain is
and all that is good is ready
for your welcome hands
and open heart
do not let your spirit die
upon a cross of insignificance
when all you need to fuel
your soul
is already here


the quiet lingers in the air,
thick and heavy…
it’s very essence pregnant
with an unspoken knowing..
this peace that weighs so
dearly upon my heart,
beating in unison with some
divine understanding,
allows light to shine through
cracks and glowing skin to alter
into crystalline stardust…
and while this peace may leave me
humbled and without words
i would lose myself to the nothing
that hovers about
just for the chance to find such freedom
within this beating heart


dawn has broken through
and all that lingered within darkness
takes shelter …
hidden in shadows and
the dusty corners of soul
these secrets, yet to be told,

oh weary traveler, take care!
for these ever patient,
ever persistent devils,
will not hesitate
and once they take hold,
you will not see light again

prison of mind

I dug a hole
The soil was dark and wet
I could smell the musty earth
Under my fingers, on my clothes
Covering my knees..
Perhaps someday I will lie inside
This muddy hole and let the world
Drift by… though I hold no false
Hope for me..
Oh that ends could be so easy!
I would drift into the rain swept sky
Releasing all the world ever taught
Me to believe
Alas I’m still here, covered now in
This musty earth, waiting for a time
When my heart, strong and hard,
Might deign to release
Me from this prison
Of mind

peace of mind

the peace that is found within
relieves the heart of anger
and pain-
as quietly as the wind blows
through leaves
one’s breath, exhaling thanks,
is all the moment you need
let go and let the flow of life,
the knowing of silence,
the silent moment,
release you

meditation this morning

mother mary visited me riding
on the wave of a sneeze that
didn’t come…
and i was swimming in a purple
whispers of faith, echoing-
time and space but figments
in my mind
i am both lost and found
when i walk this line

day of reckoning

there is nothing left to give
of myself… utterly drained
and driven to distraction
i wish it were not today
this day of reckoning that comes
with such brutal constancy
for my heart is tired
and my mind is spinning
and my soul feels worn like
a flag left out too many winters…
this heat is draining any remnant
of sanity that i may still possess
and still… i will go to this destiny
as appointed, to relive the pain that
resides within the hidden closets
of my memory