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Like heart shaped clouds floating by
You and I were simply passing
Touching softly in the summer
A piece of your white air
Linked inexplicably to mine
As we floated on

And I let you go as you moved along
On your way to some other destination
Rainbows I found within you-
And the formation of dark storms
But I always kept a bit of your cloud in mine
As memoirs of our fading

in the dark

The dark of my room
takes me back to you….

I cannot help but remember
your breath on my breast,
the feel of your touch on my leg,
the way you whispered nothing
in my ear so that my body
quivered instead…

but you, you’re lost,
and I am still hanging
onto these thoughts…of you-
in the dark of my room

to touch the stars

It’s still dark yet- not quite dawn
And I can hear the song birds
Getting ready for the sun
And I know that you, well, you’re gone
It’s okay…
you weren’t really all that real anyway
More of a tune I made up in my head
A longing that you filled
Inside my heart- a sweet desperation
To touch the stars

so it goes

~so it goes~

This ringing in my ear
is reminding me that you are gone
from me now-
And that is how it should be….

And I accept this; save for the
emptiness in my heart that longs
for relief and the pounding in
my chest, echoes of broken….

There’s nothing more you could do
to hurt me, cept take away that which is yours,
(once perhaps mine)
And give it to another.

A world of karmic consequences
mock human feelings
of love and loss….
What is soul to one:
Is simply spirit to another.

So it goes.

no win win

~no win win~

There is no answer to this-
no win win
The die’s been cast and the last
person holding the hot potato loses…
Don’t know why it has come to this,
this incredible pain of recognition,
that all is lost…
That what was, truly is no longer,
and no amount of weeping will change
that reckoning for me

Would that i could release the past
and move with love into that uncertain future
But the hands that hold me to the present
are so strong that I cannot breathe,
none the less see…
So I remain stuck, still, waiting for your
grip upon my chest to lighten
so I can find release,
so that I can find a way free
from the pain and guilt that binds me

Sweet Lucy Blue

Sweet Lucy was a child of the trees,
Sweet Lucy… left alone,
Sweet Lucy searched but could find no relief,
A child with no home.
Why was she left all alone?
            Sweet Lucy, why?

While Lucy’s mother ran away to play,
With men she so desired,
Sweet Lucy sat by herself unconstrained,
Until mom’s fun retired.
Why was Lucy all alone?
            Why, oh why?

Lucys brother cared little for her soul,
His anger set at Dad,
Lucy pretended that she did not know,
That all he felt was mad.
Why did Lucy suffer so?
            Sweet Lucy, why?

One sordid day, her mother brought him home,
A “friend” for Lucy true,
He said he loved her, with a secret known,
By only Lucy Blue.
Why was Lucy all alone?
            What did he do?

Sweet Lucy and her mother’s “friend” remained,
Together for some time,
And in his bed, the two secretly laid,
Where no one dared to find.
Why was she left all alone?
            Why Sweet Lucy, why?

Sweet Lucy kept her true secret inside,
Even after he left,
Though gone, the secret remained in her mind,
Sweet Lucy’s soul bereft.
Sweet Lucy, Sweet Lucy
            Why oh why?

Sweet Lucy was a child of the trees,
Sweet Lucy… left alone,
Death was Sweet Lucy’s only relief,
From a uncaring home.
Sweet Lucy, Sweet Lucy why?
            Why were you left alone?

Years turned into time and time now is past
Some say still, Sweet Lucy roams,
And within the windswept trees she found at last
The Caring arms of home.
Sweet Lucy no longer suffers so,
            Sweet Lucy’s soul at rest!