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lightening bugs

There are lights on the porch
across the street-
I can see them glowing outside my window,
reminding me of lightening bugs
I used to try to catch
as they flashed through
childhood summer evenings

Oh the cruelty of youth!
bottling up such wondrous bugs
so that they might lighten up
the darkened places within my soul-
Alas, nothing of that light remains
as I stare nostalgically
down and across the road
at electric lights that softly glow

dreams of you

Oh that I dream of you
as soft wind flows
over mountainsides in early morning-
Your embrace, a ribbon of light
through my valleys…
Rivers flow with your words of love
that snake slowly down my body;
And as you lie here,
across my grassy plains,
I become one with you dreamily-
Your Softly rolling kisses blow through time
and I linger with your lips close to mine-
My Sweet lover of land and sky