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The coming of the winter solstice

Longest day approaches
And the pregnant sky prepares
For the birth of another sun-
Holy is the coming of light!
And the moon, full in her power,
Comforts the pain of new beginnings;
What is to come now that the darkness
Is pushed aside once again?
And what lingers in the shadows yet?
All is love as we find the new awakening
Of a new year
Heart and mind as one-
Between the inhale and the exhale;
The death and birth of change;
We grow inside this interface
And sing the ancient songs of praise.

nature’s beauty

there’s a dead leaf
that hangs onto this summer
brown and wilted
it clings
in contrast to the red and pink
flowers growing near-
yet still, through this
transparent death
soft wind quietly blows…
and with rays of sunlight
it dances and glows
how wondrous a transition!
even in death, nature’s
beauty grows

lightening bugs

There are lights on the porch
across the street-
I can see them glowing outside my window,
reminding me of lightening bugs
I used to try to catch
as they flashed through
childhood summer evenings

Oh the cruelty of youth!
bottling up such wondrous bugs
so that they might lighten up
the darkened places within my soul-
Alas, nothing of that light remains
as I stare nostalgically
down and across the road
at electric lights that softly glow

will you?

Do you love me enough
to wait for my broken mind
to mend?
Do you love me enough
to decide to start over,
try again?
Do you feel for me like you used to
even when the storms
rage within?
Will you choose to love me
Until the end?


What is a kiss but lips
In an unexpressed language
Soulfully wordless
And yet more…

Pages of unresolved emotion
Bound between two sets of
Skin; linked by heartfelt
Synchronicities of joy and pain

I long for your lips to reach
That place within me
That hovers within darkness
And liberate my spirit

Your carefully placed longing
Accepted into my being
Would be such fresh spring
To a releasing ache.


There is a lightness in my step
today; a smile that my spirit
for that which was a question mark
lies now a period upon my thoughts
and while i long to
embrace that magic-
that ever so soulful dreamy state-
i long more for that which is
and within myself find that
bewitched state…
heartfelt songs within my breath;
melodious echoes inside silent

Ode to Guilt


Your melancholy song in my head
And on my soul, Of things
once said and truth untold;
Mournful tunes upon my breast
Haunt my waking day and nightly rest.

Since my youth, you’ve suckled me
Held me close, vampirically;
My dark sun!  Old friend of none!
Mother of my sorrow–
You nurture the dusk of tomorrow.

Oh Guilt! Dark pleasure!
Black candle in the joy of life;
Your dark light runs thru my veins.
Dear friend, only you remain;
On the coldest days, the warmth you feign.

How close you hold my secret pain!

Constant are you who stay with me
And hold those bonds
That keep me from free;
Heavy shadow on my steps,
In your darkness, I reflect.

Longtime friend, your roots run deep
In your branches my secrets keep
In your leaves, my sorrow flows
In your bark my darkness grows
Trapped inside you, is my soul.