Tag: fear


i am but a ghost walking the halls
of my former life
without justice, without light;
all that was, is lost now
to the veil of illusion
that’s fallen from my eyes…
my whispers echo unheard
against the bare walls that
once held accomplishment
and pride…
nothing remains now but memory
of a me that was never real,
but lost inside a maze of falsehood
and pretend;
one can never measure up to what’s
never been there
and my heart, fearful and full of rage,
would take this image of myself
that it held to be true
and burn it into flame
and let the dust settle upon these empty
walls with hate filled shame

going down

I’m scared to be with myself
I am scary right now
I don’t know right from wrong
I’m going down
This plane is crashing
And I’m in the cockpit
Oh how my heart suffers
Knowing this is it.
How deep does the falling go?

love’s door

love hangs loosely at my door-
the scent of which I can smell
lingering in the air just outside;
and i long to run to it
disappearing within the trails of
soft perfume…

but that my heart is slow to move
for fear of what might hover
near the vulnerable parts of me…
laid bare by love’s intense passion-
my soul’s nakedness may be too much
for my poor heart to endure-

should love’s affection lead to rejection-
my very essence would be destroyed…

so I linger here on the edge of the
hoping for a sign of fidelity
that would allow me to pass through
the sweet aroma of love’s call
and find that which is joy within me