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Echoes of eternity

Hidden within
The light guides me
I am more than this body
I am energy itself
Flowing and turning and spinning
My heart opens like a wild animal
To the path that lies before me
The universe is my protector
I ride the waves of eternity
Paths crossing paths
Levels upon levels of nothingness
And all within myself
I invert my soul to hear
The messages of the hermit within me
Beckoning beckoning beckoning me
The magician lies within this mind
Covered in darkness I see
All is …I am
Fear runs from my spell
For the light protects me
What lies beneath this darkness
Of the human condition
Spinning spinning spinning
I cannot tell
I am life itself
Echoing into eternity

One amidst the many

Oh love! You linger upon my
Skin as sweet perfume
With each in breath i consume
And each out breath I relinquish
Such is the dance of love
Such is the music we compose
Upon the dark matter of the heavens
Such is the flow, bright, now dim
Like breath itself, upon this soul
I linger within, waiting for completion
So I may return again to your
Embrace, to your sweet flex
Of in and out, light, now dark,
And find repose as one, amidst the many

Wings of love

Standing again at the edge,
Peering into an abyss that echoes
Hundreds of lifetimes
Of songs and faith and fear…
And now that my toes curl upon the
Rough edge of a destiny that must
Include a leap of faith
I falter not
For all that’s been, remains true
And all that is yet to come,
Is mine, save my heart remain,
And my nerves still,
And these wings I’ve built upon the
Sweat of my pain
Open in a steady beat of unconditional


i sit with a sword dangling
over my head-
it’s hard to get used to,
this death that hovers
all hours of the day and night,
reminding me that life-
fleeting as it may be-
is not to be trifled with….
and though i try to make friends
with this machine of death
that wishes to be released into
my head,
I know that it is simply silent
because it’s doing what it does best
and i am more than fool for it.

face of memory

secret longing hangs swollen
and pregnant upon
the breast of memory-
heavy with the weight
of defeat, heart’s silent
screams fall upon closed
ears, lost to the timeless
ticking of clock hands that
know not of fear
death cannot take the remembrances
of taste and touch etched now
within these walls of love-
there is no space that can hold
the array of tears that fall as
gilded rain upon this lost soul,
waiting for completion…
but one kiss is all it would take
to be renewed;
remember me as the rain falls
upon your doorway,
as this heart pines away for
your unknown face of memory

Foothills of eternity

Oh, fragile heart
Stretching towards
A completion
An annihilation
Of self into that which
Provides for more..
And though the darkness
Yet dwells within the corners
Of memories rooted
And left forgotten
To rotten and
Twist into folds of time,
The light of truth is a sword
That cuts down and out
All that no longer serves..
So grasping at the edge
Of a metal cliff
This heart reaches to
Combine the disparities
Into a bridge
That may grow wildflowers
Across the foothills of

A dream

The race against what
Followed me was strong-
I was running through time
To avoid being captured;
Into bedrooms of folks I didn’t
know, and cars I stole that
Weren’t mine
I was running to avoid a darkness
That followed my soul
And demons that tracked me
Through hell’s gates,
And emotion’s swell-
And then I awoke…
and realized that which looked
To find my soul- was already inside
This heart of mine- and I was running
From myself


I am sinking into
The water of my soul;
Continuing to fall
Deeper and deeper
Until I meet myself-
That white light,
The spark that
Lights my spirit
And lets me break free
From the noise that
Surrounds my life…
Would that I could
Release breath
And live within the
Star filled sea of soul,
And be lost to my own
Changing tides,
And governed by
The moon that
Lingers above me

drift wood

Drifting wood,
Bobbing and floating;
Taken by tide’s will and
Storms might,
You were once part
Of a bigger ship…
Smooth and full of holes,
You linger now in your wisdom
Feigning defeat


We all have a story
That we must tell
About the glories of our life;
The triumphs and trials,
And when we fell to our knees
In darkness and pain
And cried…
It is our obligation
At the end of all things
To sing the songs of our deeds
And tribulations
Until the sky opens and swallows
All that we are back into
The stars