Tag: eroticism

again and again and again

you pushed me up against the bar
your hands grasping…
your lips searching…
my legs, fluttering…
struggling to hold my drink
as your lips sunk in
and my quivering skin
glowed like opening flowers
to the rising sun

the music played so loud
but i couldn’t hear a thing
you were simply too much
for my senses-
you were dizzying
and i think back now,
on the way your fingers touched
my skin, and i long for you
again and again and again

echoes of passion

though you’re no longer here
i wonder if you still feel me…
my pulsating, vibrating, echoing
energy; adrift in the ether-
whispering silent longing
to the heavens as the skies
open up into a soft rainfall
of pleasure and memory

A wickedness I can’t ignore

A wickedness I can’t ignore…

Wicked spirit calling me,
Evil deeds that I endure;
Desirous…. and more.

I, a wind blowing free,
A cyclone of symphonic energy;
Exorcists waiting at my door.

Who can stop my cavalry?
Fine tuned horses run to war;
Saddle up… if you are sure.

Passionate flames flowing free,
Burning all that touches me;
You’ll leave me only wanting more.

Wicked, wicked, wicked… three
Scratches and your back is torn;
Three and then you hit the floor.

Three and only three, no more.

A wickedness I can’t ignore…..