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venerable hell

within the gates of pain that lock
my soul to the post of past transgressions
i pay this penance for that which was
altered when the sun shone, and the moon
was ripe with strawberries and songbirds…
would that i release this soul to find the freedom
that dogs it so, yet apology’s song sounds
weak when presented upon winter’s
cold blow, now nothing but pain remains
within the heart that lingers still upon
days past, haunted by that which was
already accepted as fate
and drawn down into the cold entrance
of a venerable, indefatigable hell


a mighty wind blows
and voices of change
haunt this graveyard
of the past, like bits of
stolen memory
from long ago…
as i walk amid these
newly carved gravestones,
as the moon full of
what’s been closed lights
the change before me,
i linger between the past
and the future
breathing in what is to be…
for there’s nothing now but
holes dug into the ground
of my faulty memory…
so i linger now
beneath this moon
of change
and await the oncoming

desirous sun

the dark stretch of night
spreads upon what was once
sun’s domain gives way to stronger
desires as he searches the sky
for his lost stars
allowing night to softly caress
what was once bright
as we wait for him to shine
and cease his fruitless crying

darkening days

as the days grow shorter
and darkness swallows
the warmth of summer sun
all that was flush and green
within this heart fades quietly
into a colorful oblivion
and the thoughts once pregnant
with new growth and understanding
linger now upon the precipice
of winter’s deep dive
waiting for fire’s soft flame
to give hue back to these flush
cheeks and patient soul
this body awaits the impending cold
with tolerance and mercy

approaching winter

i will speak no more
of flowers and songbirds,
the youthful hue has fallen
and winter’s bane, cold to touch
metallic to taste, fills now
these thoughtful days…
scurrying squirrels know what
as this cold wind turns
and now as darkness approaches
i gird my soul for the oncoming cold
hoping this fire i’ve built will
sustain me

sheets of blue

A spot of light illuminated
This sheer window dressing
Just before dawn
And all that was awoken
By the golden energy
Lives on; though transformed
Now into a sheet of blue
As sun rises upon the sill
Of memory
And nothing remains of what
Was but snippets of images
That linger within this heart
Haunting daylight with vestiges
Of night

ties transcending

i can hear your voice
floating upon the folds
of time
whispering words of love-
as your fingers sweep my
cheek; your lips my neck…
and my heart reaches through
the space between
to find your willing body
pressed against mine
as separation fades into
forgotten space-
thoughts touching,
hearts beating,
skin alive with the touch
of fate…
our souls bound
by ties transcending

sweet sanity

it’s a dull ache that sets
this heart apart from
the longing that dogs it so-
and what is longing, but realizations
of lost things, from long ago…
oh, how does the soul travel
so alone, through time,
just to find this ache,
a cold wind, only meant to blow?
and no recovery of love
will ever replace the hole
that lingers now upon
the edges of heart’s
sweet sanity;
lost to time, and this beating thought,
and the distant pain,
that coldly flows…

altar of love

fleeting whispers of ancient songs
floating within the vastness
of night
what is starlight without darkness,
but a lost song within a lagging
and what of this heart? sagging
upon the altar of love, lingering,
awaiting sacrifice
as sure as stars are not seen
but within the cradle of moon’s
sweet glow
i too, am lost to the heavens, without
golden’s soft flow
oh, to still this wretched heart, and give
my soul the peace it
would die for
as i linger here, waiting no more,
for your love to be returned to me


This heart, too open to be
Closed and too aching
To be heard
Lies prostrate among the flowers
Of my life, weeping
For change…
Soundless, countless waves of
Frustration wash over in
Gray and red and blue
Longing for that inexorable
Something that will enliven
And brighten
And free this heart to fly
Alas, imprisoned within my own
I am but autumn flowers fading
Amidst the coming winter