Tag: dreaming

halls of time

there’s nothing left for me
to give of myself,
but blood and time…
as this life force drips slowly
into the abyss
i am lost within
these passageways of mine;
screaming down empty halls
hoping to find answers to the
riddles that plague my mind…
turning still, into nothing, floating
like dead leaves upon autumnal
breeze what will come of me now?
with this slow ticking
reminding me of passing time
i am nothing but a lost soul
looking for answers; and finding
none to be had
i’m guided by my own lonely echoes
colliding through the halls of time

i trust my path

butterflies pound my stomach
with wings of steel
fluttering at all hours…
sleepless and full of these
busy, busy, flying beauties
of change,
i turn my eyes to the heavens
to find mercy-
for within the growing clamor
of uncertainty
i believe that hope and light
will change me too-
and provide steel wings for which
i can fly
away from here and to a new
i trust my path….

just a joke

just a joke
my face, my heart, my untethered
fleeting fate;
the folds of time that keep
this flame burning;
this life in its entirety…
just a joke
flying, falling, burning, rising
all just the same boring
proposition that leads
me back to the same place
within the heavens-
so why are these tears still
there’s nothing left to fear
as all that was, is ripped from
i am no more
but a joke to behold
i thrive on the falsehood of
my illusions
and tie my heart to a failing
sun and waning moon

Haunted heart

i am lost to the tides
that have changed direction;
the moon’s sway moves my heart
as words, unintended, strike
at the center of me
and brandish a cold sword
of hate from within the darkness
of my pain…
would that I could dissolve into
the earth and let go of
all that makes me shiver so,
and release this haunted heart
back into a place where it could
do no further damage


morning sun remains hidden
as sheets of growing darkness
cover the dawn with gliding
fervor; crickets relay songs
of summer as they drift slowly
into winter’s sleep;
and how this heart of mine
beats quickly, remembering
the change in time, and how the light
slowly drifted from before my eyes-
as what was left of my innocence
was stolen by the marching of
soundless ignorance…
what was i before this breaking
that took my mind?
crickets still fight against the impending
darkness that will cause their demise
and I wonder, why couldn’t i?


the distance between us is too far
for my eyes to see; though i search
through my mind to find that one
deciding factor that would bring
memories back to life
while my body lies, slowly dying,
words sunken into eyes that are too
tired to see anymore
and you, standing beside, waiting like
a vulture for yours- now after all
this time
how can this be that you would rip
the heart from me while I lay
destitute upon this smoldering
ground, a wreckage of a human
being, though still you play…
and i’m too salty to fight for more
than just one more embrace-
“you fool!” I say… though in truth,
i’m the one lying

nature’s serenade

the cold rain taps upon my roof
with a pitter patter; dancing
among the cold, sunburnt trees
as leaves slowly file their way
down from sky to ground
in a symphony of colors
orange, yellow, red… soon branches
will sustain no more
and bare winter’s cold fingers
will grip upon the distance
with blue, white and silver…
yet, for now, listening to the
boisterous rapping of rain,
pondering change, i sit with a kitten
warming herself in the folds of
my lap and smile at the
constancy of nature’s serenade