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the darkness of my home
sounds so empty today
as if the birds have left their branches
and taken shelter in another-
i think and dream
of more, of what could have been,
of what is yet to be-
i am lost today, adrift within my
own deep
wondering where the lightness
flew away to-
my heart aches for that which
i do not even know
as signs of love enter my dreams
and vanish just as quickly-
who is guiding me
with this painful encouragement?
and why are these arms
still cold with despair?
i am swimming in a sea of darkness
and devouring my heart
with this nothing that i feel-
when will the light return
and sing to me of faith and hope?
when will my arms not feel so cold?
when will i finally see the face of truth
and set myself free from these chains
with which I have bound my soul
to this plane; alone….


here i sit across from my rosie
from the killer who rang through
my heart last night
wrenching light
until i could understand something
this poor love, a dog
who has her own nature,
who has her own set of rules to live by-
she shook me with her brutality,
with her base nature
and as I heard the cries of the poor
creature i which she died
i was brought to tears
by the ferocity
and vulnerability
and just here now, she lies near me
trusting and loving
sleeping with a low hum of breath
and i am still reeling from the
thing… the death
that visited my ears, echoing
within me deeply
we are all animals
we are all creatures of destruction
and vulnerabitity
the lesson lies within the balance
of truth and honesty
as brutal in nature as can be


I dreamt of her again, my old friend
she was like she had always been
careful, mysterious
she comes to me sometimes from beyond
never with a thing to say
but always with intent
I am searching now for answers
that line her quiet mouth
her curly hair
all is changing, lost now upon the
rocks of time
we flow into an unknown
and she, with me, in dream
showing me how lost I have become
how lonesome this path
and how far i have walked
the veils are lifting yet more
opening doors into the darkness of soul
I remain captive yet, inside this mind
waiting for truth to be revealed


my heart sits by the door
waiting to be invited inside
she licks her wounds, pain and pleasure
swirling inside like a tyrant, a storm
this tempest that rages within the quiet
of her inner chambers
longingful darkness settles
as echoes whisper to her that she is lacking
that she is used up, that she is simple
he dipped his hand into her breast
his fingers moving, and dancing inside her
hate and pain, poisoning each beat and breath
confusioned mixture, an elixir of pleasure
tinging her outer limit with hate
i have watched this heart of mine for too long
suffering at the doorstep of my home
ive begged her to come inside
yet still she sits, waiting to be forgiven
for the pain she played as they groped innocence
from her giving fingers


lonesome voices are calling
from the clouds, the wind, the birds
such sad melodies of days, passed,
of time once fresh, now dust and ash-
these songs, lingering upon the folds
of time, echoing through grids of light,
oh, lonely and lonesome me! I wait for
the return of the divine, the blending of
soul and eternity.

I am but a traveler, waiting for my train…
the voices, so far off, are but a memory now..
present eyes, caught in illusion’ shade,
wait for this mind to clear the haze


wind carries old wounds
whipping around, enflamed…
worries spark like lightening,
dark clouds smell of shame,
guilt hangs heavy like thunder,
pain, but bound inside the rain…

I sit amidst this tempest
upon a glowing flower in bloom
spilling from my eyes are temples
within my palms, the moon…
dressed upon my chest, my heart,
cradled safety within my womb

upon a cross, i lay my form
in quiet solitude
unmoving, unflinching, all embracing
i dare to non conform
for at the interface of light and dark
my nothingness is born

hidden inside

i found the door within my heart
and opened it…
words, without sound, ushered me
into this light filled space
and into the moment…
oh breath! you take me as a bride
on her wedding day-
your soft embrace, covers me
with a warm salve
assuaging my fears;
and as my body floats forward
a mirror glows, reflecting my soul…
in wonder and in praise i sigh,
for the love within this heart
is but a dim reminder of what remains
hidden inside…


Words settle like dust upon my soul
Written well before my heart’s
Awakening, engraved while yet this
Life of mine was but a song
Of songbirds in the sky
I am but a walking verse
Lips and tongue describe me
As bards cherished the tales they’ve sung,
This epic, so long ago begun,
Takes root now, growing inside the warmth
Of fate’s sweet sun, as I tarry off to grow
Within my destiny….

There’s nothing left to question, the tale
Is already spun… what is now is but a
Task to walk upon the road
And fulfill the feats designed for me.


it’s a sad resolution
this end of year mess
this nightmare that has no waking relief
this wound that has no dress
i am but a sailor adrift at sea
i am but a boat with no anchor
floating invisibly
what will happen to this heart of mine
when the cold winter blows though
the tattered halls of what once stood strong
there is nothing left for me
there is nothing left to see
sorrow and regret dogging days
with cold remorse
and hate
and tears that fall as cold as frozen rain
oh life! you can be cruel, i know
and i am nothing more than a joke
drifting off the shore


Weary, i put my head down for
Just a moment
And close my eyes
The light, too far away for me to see,
Lingers just on the edges of my exhaustion
And while my heart’s wings have spread
Into a beautiful gossamer waves,
I fight to keep up with the sounds
Of echoes that follow me..
Grateful for all that flows within,
My eyes close and restively
Wait for the next opportunity to fly