Tag: spirituality

vampiric love

I turned my head and saw the marks
On my neck, where you once fed
Though I’m not dead
I hang on yet…
Holding this thread of reality
Between my fingers
Grasping the last bits of
Reason… and trying to make sense
Of why willingly
i accepted your feeding

darkened harkening

oh to wish the quiet of my soul
be louder than the chatter
of my mind
yet i fall behind
always looking for that which
avoids me
missing the larger view
such that i annoy me
a longing for what I
cannot say
I strive to find a lifetime of answers
in a single day
what shortcuts can i take?

I repeal myself
as my eyes look towards
an eternal sky and i know
that I will not find that
in which i search
until i delve away from my waking mind
and into the depths of the
darkened harkening that
silently awaits me


childhood bedtime-
woven intermingled memories
legs around me, surrounding me

sheets, flowered and clean,
a prison of the mind
tortured by snores and more

homeward my heart would lead
followed in time by my mind
and eventually my body
how though you didn’t see

the damage that your snuggles
did to me

quicksand of quick fix

I walked a tilted floor
Trying to get back to you
But I just kept slipping

The ground beneath my feet
Slanted and sliding
Ever moving and unsure
Wasted me

A quicksand of quick fix,
Not withstanding pain,
Lingers yet as prison
Upon my brain

And I wait for your heart to capture
Me as I fall away
As proof that you’re still true
To a soul that’s enflamed

basement of hidden truth

Bobcat crawled out of the
basement of my dream
Hung onto the top stair
pleading with me.

I shut the door
Swore, and urged him to go away
What he was showing…
I just couldn’t let myself say

So I woke up with a pain
In my breast, beating chest,
And regret for things that
That lay hidden between

There’s truly no letting go
When things are left
To linger just below-
The basement of hidden truth…


What is a kiss but lips
In an unexpressed language
Soulfully wordless
And yet more…

Pages of unresolved emotion
Bound between two sets of
Skin; linked by heartfelt
Synchronicities of joy and pain

I long for your lips to reach
That place within me
That hovers within darkness
And liberate my spirit

Your carefully placed longing
Accepted into my being
Would be such fresh spring
To a releasing ache.