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sleepless night

Here I am sleep evading me
these thoughts invading me…
Who are You? I ask my dream self
for clarity… can I find you exactly
where we said we’d lay
under the stars? I’ve been looking,
walking through dreams-or shall I say
dream walking….
Longing for you in my sleep, to find peace
I let go and let the flow of what’s to be
Wash over


The air is hot tonight and weighs
heavily upon my soul…
From whence I came here I don’t recall
but I know that I will not be staying long…
My arms as wings long to take flight
along the paths of mystics long
forgotten… but me I’m still here-
watching as night turns to day
and seasons float into each other
and though the heat is upon my
body, sweaty and low, I reckon I will
be slowly moving into that which
might let me sleep- perhaps to take off
in dream- to these places I ache to go…
Perhaps I’ll see you there

starlight of hope and memory

oh light! you found me on my knees
praying that grace might take pity
and remove this ache that dogs me so…
and like cool water, you soothed my soul
that golden longing that touched me-
and into the ether, i bled songs for you
of days, long ago… that i remember yet;
your touch, a fire with no burn, that softly
lingers upon my spirit-
starlight of hope and memory
faded forever now into my energy

upon the June ocean

The June ocean kisses my body
with a taste of menthol,
soothing all the rough spots
of my soul with cool healing touch…
Relaxing my head beneath the waves
of dark blue, almost black salt water
I give myself over to the call of the wind
and the flow of the rough waves-
Shivers of invigorating ecstasy
make their way up my floating,
bobbing body
slowly and deliberately
as I release myself to the gods of the water


I woke up confused
the walls, this room, the clock
that I knew I didn’t have
Replay, rewind.., open mind
the moon… remembering last night
Like a buzzsaw
How we walked the beach, under full
moonlight… listening to waves crash
In the aftermath…
and the love, carnal passion, stoked
flames of fire that burned
into the rising of the sun

wisdom over passion

sparks between two traveling souls
is unmistakable; when they meet, they know
that perhaps they’ve met before
and yet, these souls, should they stoke
flames of passion, will invoke a fire that
cannot be put out…
and the residual loss of such an extended burn
leaves casualties that cannot be mistaken
and ash becomes the aftermath…
so while I might desire to burn bright, for just
a minor time, i have been down this road before
and wisdom will not allow me to walk it anymore


It’s as if the universe itself
opens up and allows
me to see into the vast expanse
of stars and galaxies…
Oh to be the key that
opens this doorway into eternity!
Drunken now with an ecstasy
of flying through space and time
I land once again upon the body
in which I exist and softly shiver