Tag: love


I loved a man desperately
and that desperation made
me believe that truth was illusion,
and illusion truth.
A slight of hand, and my complicit
willingness to disbelieve
what lay right in front of me,
burned my soul to ash.
Beware of magicians who come
dressed as ordinary men.


You ask for my decision
Will I give you what you need?
I hesitate blindly
Knowing that I am too broken
To fill your heart with light
How can I catch rainbows
When my net is full of holes?


The beating of your heart
Is a clock I can keep time by
Steady and confident
I lay my head down
To listen to the rhythmic
Tock of your constancy
And lose my thoughts
To the wash of time

strange and ponderous

Sitting in my car, sunroof open,
staring at the clouds
as I listen to cars hustle by-
And I think of fresh linen
What a juxtaposition
Clean skies, and dirty sounds

Thinking of my life, such
wondrous similarities….
healthy living masking
dirty emotions
that lie just underneath
a clean facade

….Strange and ponderous


i turned a page
i walked away
i let you go
i forgot your face
i blocked your fire
i closed the gate

though my longing stays
and your illusions remain
and the magic i thought i held
well, it’s still what i crave

so i can claim the day,
i suppose…
i can profess that i am free
to find another way

but i let you in, and parts of you
…they still remain

i will need sometime i guess
to clean my house
and hope the scent of you
slowly fades away


I am the earth
my robes flow into endless fields of gold
and my heart carries songs of birds on the wind

the fire within me burns
with glory and contemplation
my unending source of power and love

I am abundant and give freely
of my healing streams; my valleys
dotted with the scent of flowers and truth

I am constant and unending
I have enough for all who love me
and more for those who cannot