Tag: earth


it feels like it hasn’t stopped raining
in days
just sheets of falling water, bleeding
from an angry sky
and though i would use this to cleanse
my heart of truth
yet, i cannot lie, you are the
clouds that circle my soul
in darkness, you are the water
that drowns my voice,
you are the ever falling, ever tumultuous
storm that i let linger within
because your thunder is all i have known…

now, i let you go, releasing
your rainclouds and lightening-
your darkness, but this simple string
that i hold within my hand,
and i watch as it flies into the heavens…
oh dark and faithless lover,
i bid you goodbye…

love’s flow

hang me upside down
and see what secrets might fall
out of the pockets
of my soul-
filled now with memories still
and though I long to be free
from this fool’s gold that binds
me so
the wings that would let me fly
are pinned by the heaviness
that the past still holds…
bound now by illusions that weigh me
would that i could be the hanged man
and release to gravity that which
blocks love’s flow…
oh what i would give
just to lighten this load! and let my
heart soar into eternity…

a soulful tithe

this breathe of mine
that from these soft lips blows
towards you
is lined with a thousand I love you’s
whispered silently
into night…
and this aged head upon which
the white hair of wisdom flows
has grown old
waiting for your next finger’s
and how your body grows, like stars
lit up by adoring eyes-
this longing is but a sweet and
soulful tithe
to gardens flowers and love’s


oh how I wish for release
from unrelenting longing…
this fire that burns,
this fever just won’t cool-
my body lies upon the altar
of my heart
ready to sacrifice it all
for some semblance of peace

within my heart

i dug a hole…
the soil was so dark and wet
and i could smell the damp earth
as it clung to my fingers, my clothes
my knees…

perhaps someday, I might lie down
inside this muddy hole and let
the world drift by… though i hold no false
hope that i might find peace

should endings be that easy! i could
simply drift into the rain swept sky
releasing myself into the arms of
my own eternity!

alas, i remain here still, covered now
in this musty earth, listening to the slow
drip of time echo within the walls of this hole
that lingers so within my heart