Tag: dreaming


There’s another bird
That made a nest at my house
She sits in the wreath on my porch
And waits

Quietly I wonder why these
Sweet songbirds find me
And nestle so into my heart
And home.

Perhaps nature’s sweet way
Of reminding me that melody
Can hold sway of spirit
And lighten the load

Would that I could sing as such
With wordless thoughts-
That cannot be understood
But by the heart.

what is this?

What is this hold upon my heart
that keeps me tied upon this throne
of the past?
What creates within me this desire
to remain steadfast
even in the face of logic?
What is it about you, dear one,
that locks my feet in place
refusing to move away from you?
I long to know your secrets, and what
you could possibly have to bind me
so to your spirit…

I will linger here, but a while longer,
in hopes that all will be revealed
and clarity show me the way.

If not for this ringing in my ear and
the longing in my heart
I would not understand a thing

black wings

~black wings~

I saw black wings
Flying towards me
And green grass falling
Your touch reached me
And comforted my soul

Taking darkness and turning
It light… flashes of purple
Sing now to me
As I settle into the cushion
And give myself over

dull ache

~dull ache~

To simply lament that you’re gone
sounds silly and contrite;
There’s much more lost now
than a smile sent over energy
or words written onto winds of time…
Deep within there exists now a knowing
that whatever might have been
is but an impossible dream
that is not written in the stars…
So the lack now fills permanent space
within my heart; filled not with light
but with a dull ache


When there is nothing left to lose
Nothing seems all that scary anymore
The rocks that blocked the way forward
Don’t seem so insurmountable
The wind that feared could break the door
Sounds less menacing and venerable
And in my heart, the key that left with you,
No longer unlocks my darkness

When there’s nothing left to lose
Nothing seems to hold sway
All is lost…. and in that losing….
I find that which is more profound

King of the mountain

~king of the mountain~

I remembered your face
when I closed my eyes and entered
that sacred space in between
the folds of time

The smell of yellow flowers,
growing beside a running stream
Take colors, always flashing,
Memories or dreams?

Your hair landed softly upon me
As you leaned over to brush my face
Your smell, my brute obsession,
With force you bind my fate

king of the mountain!
What a spirit trapped inside!
Would that I give my present
To within that moment reside.


Slow, deliberate dream sea; washes over
Life’s impurity.  Emotion’s fury!
Take hold and sink slow!  This line in between
The truth we see and the truth we know;
Well beneath the mind, the emotions flow.

Great tempest of honesty, whose waters–
Ushering the journey to the inside,
Are open wide; in this dream sea we stow.
A lit’ral bride to things already known,
But from which we hide from our own true mind.

What we see, a separate truth in dream;
Stronger still, our own desire to know
The truth that lies beneath our own disguise.
So in the dark of night, our self takes flight,
Sinking slow in dream waters we all go.

Emotions captive!  Lay back and low,
Float among those things we’re afraid to know.
Dream’s tale is long and deliberately slow,
So slowly go; And dream’s sweet truth’ll be shown.
Sea of dreams- through your dream sea we grow.