…de light…

waves of energy reached my soul
and vibrated
as if the oceans themselves opened up
and i gushed
covering the ground in salty water

I sent swirling lights of energy
vibrating back
spinning around and around
until it reached
the stars and vanished within them

an ancient fog

~an ancient fog~

The untamed beat of your drum within me
Is deafening
I can hear none else but you
And I can feel your breathe beside me
Your voice whispering to me
Your hand holding mine so tenderly

And I long for peace
For relief from the noise inside me
That vexes my soul

…and yet I long for you more…

You’re a deep and ancient fog
Alas! That I would get lost in you!
Spend all my days wandering
Following the sounds of your voice
The smell of your skin
Even that I cannot find you
I would be happier yet to remain
Merely within your haze


love is like poison when it hurts your heart
each beat driving the pain further into your body
each breathe, labored and raw
each moment, an eternity of why
the desire to claw out of skin to find relief
is all the mind can cling to
there is nothing… to relieve the uneasy pain of loneliness
of some part of you missing…
the other half of you… gone…
when all is forsaken… what can soothe the soul?

The star and the earth… and the creation of dandelions

~The star and the earth… and the creation of dandelions~

There once was a great love between the brightest star in the sky and the earth.

She loved her star so very much… each night she would find him and give him worship from afar. She would reflect her star in her waters and watch him with devotion through the leaves in her trees

She loved this star with all of her.

The star loved his earth as well. He warmed her dark places and gave her comfort in shadow. He guided her every night and thought on her during his slumber in day.

The star though- was the most powerful star in the sky and was called on to shine for all creatures both on earth and in the heavens. His was a calling of great importance… and many flocked to him to bathe in his healing light and find in him illumination.

Oftentimes the earth, she would watch her star with awe and wonder- feeling so little next to something so full of light.

Sometimes when he was shining for another she would despair and hide her heart away. Her shadows would run through her forests and darkness would cover her…. it was hard to watch her beautiful star merge his light with another

One day he found her hiding and asked her why… why would she hide herself away?

She covered her face in shame… knowing the nature of a star… knowing that a star as bright as her love had a purpose bigger than her…

And she began to cry….

The sky filled with darkness and a great storm washed sand from beach; flower from field- all took cover as emotion flowed down upon her.

And when the storm had passed and the skies were cleared.. her star was still in the sky… still shining…

My love he told her… my purpose is to shine… but my heart will always carry your light… and with that he sent down heavenly stardust that covered her fields with small yellow dandelions.

I will always cover you… and whenever you feel alone.. simply find my flower and wish for me… I will always come for you.

it is hard to love a star

my heart has sunk down
to the depths of the earth
And hidden there
Away from the pain of light
And eyes that would not love me
And hands that would not touch me
And words that would not reach me

Alone I linger in darkness
Waiting to be set free

But that is not always to be

…It is hard to love a star…

unwritten verses

We are but verses of a poem
Connected by time and death
All that was and is to be
Is written on the celestial
Body of our energy

Ours is but an unforgettable whisper
Traveling back thru time
Remnants of what used to be
Echo in the halls of our eternity
Calling to us to find
Our way home


lost to time

~lost to time~

Betrayal rips at my heart, it dangles to the floor
Once I had your heart for my own

…no more…

I have been searching the skies ever since
Looking for a glimpse of your face

Sometimes I see the stars shine down on me
And I remember your soft smile
The way you made me feel

Love that is no longer is no love for me
But heartache hung like a weight upon my breast

And a hunger that I will never satisfy

I call out your name in dreams
Longing to hold you but once again

To smell your skin, your hair, your mouth

I awake with desolation in my heart

I am lost without you.

You are not there.