on the edge of things

This fire fills my heart with rage;
Such uncomfortable energy!
It’s lighting all the shadow
sides within me.

I watch the blaze as it Engulfs me;
My heart, raw with pain and deceit,
Settles into the fire with pleasure.
While she waits for the whys… and why nots

This anger is but more fuel
To sustain me while I heal
From the scissor cuts across my heart
Made by one who got in.

I sit in wonder… the innocence that
Draws me to my own nature
Is also that which is taken
By those who need too much

And I long for connection with those
Who could understand me
So I keep opening up
Only to close again

Such is the cycle of life
And loving is too great now
For me.. so will linger about
On the edge of things

And wait

more to do yet

How was i so sure
about everything you said?
How did I allow myself
To go down that rabbit hole

Yet again?

The feeling of touching magic;
Of believing that it can find you
Keeps pulling me back
To this same spot

Yet with different players
And different outcomes
Because I’m older…
…and wiser
…and grounded

Still though I’m here…
Laying down my fortune For a chance to touch the stars

Even though I thought I found
My place in heaven;
I understand, that has yet to come,
For I have more work to do yet.

when you are close

~when you are close~
i touch your neck with my lips
and push my body into yours with force
my longing to be close is only matched
by the desire in my loins for you
and i try to fight the feeling
of attraction
but fall into you with utter abandon
each time you draw me close
your energy…touching mine with a mix
of soulful passion and fire
playfully you call to me
and i come to you
without question, you draw me in
and i comply with you-
for you feel so much like home
and i long to be home…
…my body just knows
…and my heart just knows
and i sit in quiet smile while you ravish
my soul

bride of angel

~bride of angel~

i linger there, you smell my hair

my spirit in your hands
you open me, fervently
ravishing my soul

my body would gladly fade away
to spend a day within your embrace
sweet angel who falls to me
…to set me free…

my body is yours to deface…

my longing bleeds upon my soul
for your power divides within me
and in the darkened marriage bed
i give myself completely.



This loneliness lingers
within my heart. Not longing;
but a deep and venerable ache…

Life’s push and pull,
like moon’s sweet embrace,
Turns me inside out;

And I am left holding my own light
Within my own dark night….

-Yet I cannot ask that which is not mine-

So I linger quietly and watch
as each petal upon the flower
my heart resides falls silently to the floor.

And within the shadow of my
Solitude, I learn that I must embrace
That which lies within me more

grown in snow

~grown in snow~
Pure white flower- grown in snow…
Beautiful and strong ….I see you glow!
This light that guides the eyes of dreamers
A star by which nightly flows
Your soul is shining ever brighter
…So very Wonderous to behold!
Wisdom within your petals shining
The soft pain of knowing cold
You linger here within the harshest weather
To teach others how to grow.

dear longing

~dear longing~

whatever is responsible for this longing in my heart
please stand and speak your peace

…i can sit quietly no longer

you wrack my soul with empty demands
and lost memories, and echoes of laughter

…what is this unease that seeks to own me?

what is the ache that pulls me so clearly back
to where i dare not go?

…this longing is folly

and i will not open my eyes to a future lined with regretful bones of past

i stand, with my head inside the light, and push forward
from the futureless wastelands of darkness that plague my spirit

suffering and emptiness search for me, hungrily,
ready to devour me with despair

… and yet, i am compelled… to close the loop of pain i have opened, with love.

perhaps one day, as time fades the wounds of the heart,
I can sit with you, dear longing, and share a smile.