my heart is broken
and its fallen to the floor
i don’t even want it

weeping acid pain
acrid and oozing;
the emptiness of my

theres nothing left
nowhere to hide
this pain is eating me

I am nothing
and in darkness i dwell
crestfallen soul’s fate-



you devour my spirit
like a hungry animal
and i submit my entire being
to you…in ecstasy

my longing has turned …
for i am forever open to your touch
and your breath on my skin
as if my own body were yours

we are but travelers on this plane
and my energy opens to you
like a fresh flower to the sun
or better yet… to the stars above

and i linger here, for you, with you
in a quiet repose of everlasting love
and desire
and you linger within me, ravaging

your spirit is too strong for my body
and i glow with your light
from my core
and my body does your will

quivering i sit within the walls of my home
waiting for your return to me
waiting for your hunger
to find me… once again

on the vernal equinox

~on the vernal equinox~

daughter of Gaia, mistress of the mountain!
she washes her hair beside you
her golden tresses falling upon your breast
filling your heart with soft smelling fragrance

look for her, in despair and darkness
her green flowing dresses cover you
in peace and in love
embracing the pain from you

her arms, like flowing streams,
soothe your tired soul, quench your parched throat,
ease your weary body…

she is the sun that warms your heart
and the wind that calls your name
and the bird that gives you sight

look down from the heavens and see her beauty!
for it is yours to behold

all desire and destruction
fall within her
the ground shakes with her tears;
flowers open to her touch…

love her still… as she is yours
forever near, forever close, forever true

her heart does not waver
as a mountain is not moved…
as the stars line the sky….
her love is true

golden statue

~golden statue~

I woke to lips pressing mine
Like spring dew that clings to a blade of grass
And my heart was filled
With deep green

Soul energy swirls together
merging Color and light
Deep love’s secret void
Of forgetting and remembering

And these Long held songs in my heart
Resonate within me today
What was once longing
Is now simply sweet music of the soul

Golden light exits me
Leaving me glowing like a statue
Steady and unmoved
Quiet and true

given what we get

~given what we get~

i asked the universe for a sign
it was given…
though my heart is heavy with sadness
I cannot now go back and ask for something different

…we are given what we get…

Life is suffering and the heart must be strong
enough to live with separation
and pain of loneliness
inorder to fully embrace light

…we must first travel through darkness…

i accept my fate, as resigned as i can be
to this pain, which will walk as my friend
for a time
hope lingers no more for me

de void

I search for you in the sky
But you’re not there
The heavens are empty of you
And my heart no longer flutters

…Where have you taken your light?…

Within me is darkness and despair
The longing is now covered in pain
And emptiness roams my halls


ancient energy

~ancient energy~

Ancient energy links my soul
To memories long erased
By time
….Footprints only found now
Within the heart

I see Isis shining in the distance
Holding the unbreakable bond
Like a scepter
In her glowing hand
…Reminding me

Promises never forgotten;
Words yet unspoken…
Sit Heavy and true..
Upon my mind
Like incense

Linking me back to you.