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bride of angel

~bride of angel~

i linger there, you smell my hair

my spirit in your hands
you open me, fervently
ravishing my soul

my body would gladly fade away
to spend a day within your embrace
sweet angel who falls to me
…to set me free…

my body is yours to deface…

my longing bleeds upon my soul
for your power divides within me
and in the darkened marriage bed
i give myself completely.



This loneliness lingers
within my heart. Not longing;
but a deep and venerable ache…

Life’s push and pull,
like moon’s sweet embrace,
Turns me inside out;

And I am left holding my own light
Within my own dark night….

-Yet I cannot ask that which is not mine-

So I linger quietly and watch
as each petal upon the flower
my heart resides falls silently to the floor.

And within the shadow of my
Solitude, I learn that I must embrace
That which lies within me more

grown in snow

~grown in snow~
Pure white flower- grown in snow…
Beautiful and strong ….I see you glow!
This light that guides the eyes of dreamers
A star by which nightly flows
Your soul is shining ever brighter
…So very Wonderous to behold!
Wisdom within your petals shining
The soft pain of knowing cold
You linger here within the harshest weather
To teach others how to grow.

dear longing

~dear longing~

whatever is responsible for this longing in my heart
please stand and speak your peace

…i can sit quietly no longer

you wrack my soul with empty demands
and lost memories, and echoes of laughter

…what is this unease that seeks to own me?

what is the ache that pulls me so clearly back
to where i dare not go?

…this longing is folly

and i will not open my eyes to a future lined with regretful bones of past

i stand, with my head inside the light, and push forward
from the futureless wastelands of darkness that plague my spirit

suffering and emptiness search for me, hungrily,
ready to devour me with despair

… and yet, i am compelled… to close the loop of pain i have opened, with love.

perhaps one day, as time fades the wounds of the heart,
I can sit with you, dear longing, and share a smile.

dance of desire

~dance of desire~

dance of desire
you take me softly around the fire
And whisper in my ear.

Cool wind blows tales of long ago
My body remembering
Rises to be close

We move as one around the smoke
Eyes locked in a silent embrace…
Intertwined and divine.

….bodies mingled… souls sweet fire….

energy surges up from earth
And heaven’s hunger falls
Softly upon her

Winds, flush with energy, excite
the trees; quivering green leaves
stand at attention

Flashes of light explode into
Heavenly stars and darkness

…all is one…



my heart has turned, the door closes behind me
and while I cannot look, at this moment at the cliff on which i stand,
for fear of falling,
i will decide instead to step with faith…and remove my eyes

There is no freedom to be won, when the heart’s song
is already liberated from the shackles of the past;
and with adoration and love
i remove the binds that have kept me there…

While the slow din of clutter within me sheds
the noise of what has been,
i cry out for peace..for those who would not understand
and suffer at my hand…

i pray for love and understanding as i walk outside
in new clothes for the first time…
with fresh sight… ink and paper in hand…
to deliver my heart to its destination


I woke with a start; my body tingling,
i was not alone.. I felt others… they were inspecting
and tuning my chakras
i could almost hear them talking…

later i rose to the treelined mountain top
and saw just over the tops of the pines
i reached out an felt their light in my body
glowing sunset yellow, orange and green

my eyes turned and i had eagle sight
i aimed to rise up into the clouds
but memories held me back…
and fear of loss….

from my hands flowed a network
of roots and braches
down into the earth
where I fed her deep energy

i kept hearing.. raise the vibration…
and as i lifted my heart, higher and higher
i could feel the energy around me grow
light filling all space